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Black Canyon (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was established in 1993 to operate restaurants serving food, coffee and drinks under the "Black Canyon Coffee" name. The company is the registered owner of the "Black Canyon" trademark and all associated service marks.

The company's business is the operation of coffee houses serving food and coffee of the highest quality, located in shopping centers, movie theaters and gas stations throughout Thailand, as well as an increasing number of overseas countries. Black Canyon owns and operates some branches directly, while others are owned and operated by franchisees. All branches are decorated to the same high standard, with overall designs selected from a palette of available options depending on the type of location. Black Canyon's excellent reputation is based on serving coffees of the highest quality, with the best aroma and taste, made from 100% fresh coffee beans imported from around the world, as well as those grown in Thailand under Royal patronage.

Black Canyon coffee houses also serve an extensive food menu. The menu combines Western dishes such as soups, salads, pasta and French fries with Eastern favorites like fried rice and noodles; and Thai specialties tom yum, som-tam, etc. A unique feature of the menu are the "fusion" dishes which combine East and West, examples of which are spaghetti with green curry sauce, fusilli noodles in tom yum soup, spaghetti with red panang shrimp sauce, etc.

Black Canyon now has more than 190 branches all around Thailand. Black Canyon also operates kiosks under the "Black Canyon X'press" name in several stations of Bangkok's elevated commuter train system (BTS Skytrain). Each year, Black Canyon serves more than one million cups of coffee to Thais and foreigners visiting Thailand, who appreciate the flavor and aroma of real coffee, and keep coming back for more. Experts at Black Canyon monitor and control the quality of every batch of coffee to ensure that our customers get the same experience every time they visit a Black Canyon restaurant.

Black Canyon is the largest and most well known operator of franchised coffee houses in Thailand. The management and every employee has as their goal to continually develop and improve the Black Canyon Coffee brand.



To be a leading Thai-owned specialty coffee and foods retail services business in the Asia/Pacific

– developing, offering and sustaining maximum value for our clients, business partners and for our organization and all its associated stakeholders as well as the social community in which we operate







B = Business ethics and integrity

L = Learning organization

A = Accountability and adaptability

C = Customer oriented/centric

K = Keeping the world green, Keeping the beans growing







" Customer  Delight "